GRAN GUSTO Coffee Beans – 1kg


Italian-roasted whole coffee beans.

Fruity and aromatic. Medium in strength, Gran Gusto is our house blend.

Perfect enjoyed with foamed milk as a luxurious caffè latte or cappuccino, or simply as a rich, full-bodied espresso.


GRAN GUSTO coffee beans – 1kg

Italian roasted whole coffee beans, for grinding at home.

You can now buy our amazing Italian-roasted coffee as whole beans, in great value 1kg bags – perfect for grinding at home as you need it. Perfect for your French press, Aeropress, Chemex, V60, Moka, or bean-to-cup, filter or espresso machines!

Caffè Ottavo’s house blend, Gran Gusto is a delicious blend of 70% freshly roasted Arabica and 30% Robusta beans – and it really packs a flavour punch. Gran Gusto reveals toasted cereal notes with hints of fruity acidity. Perfect for cutting though the creaminess of the milk in a bold latte or a seriously tasty cappuccino.

Flavour strength 7 / 10.

Perfectly enjoyed with foamed milk as a luxurious caffè latte or cappuccino, or simply as a rich, full-bodied espresso. Caffè Ottavo’s Gran Gusto blend is stunning served with a zesty florentine.

Our coffee is perfectly sealed in one-way packaging within seconds of being ground, to preserve the delicate aromas of our fresh Italian coffee.

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